VIDEO: New Japanese Sci-Fi Action Flick "Iron Girl" Trailer

The legendary "Iron Savior" descends to save the world

"Iron Girl" is an up-coming Japanese sci-fi action film starring Kirara Asuka(Female Prisoner No. 701 ~SASORI~), Rina Akiyama (Kamen Rider Agito), Yuji Kido (Mirai Sentai Timeranger), and Yasuhisa Furuhara (Engine Sentai Go-onger). An armored suit-wearing woman with amnesia, only known as "Iron Girl", fights against a group of outlaws called "Crazy Dogs" to save a small village in the wasteland. Is she the legendary "Iron Savior" written in the old document of the village? The film hits Japanese theaters on July 21. How do you like the new superheroine?




Source: Iron Girl official site


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