VIDEO: "Arcana Famiglia" TV Anime 1st CM Posted

Based on the popular otome adventure game

A 15 seconds TV CM for the up-coming summer TV anime La Storia della Arcana Famiglia was posted on YouTube yesterday. The anime adaptation of HuneX's popular romance adventure PSP game will hit Japanese TV on July 1. The anime is produced by J.C. Staff (Toaru Majutsu no Index, Kimi to Boku, Bakuman) and directed by Chiaki Kon (When They Cry - Higurashi, Junjo Romantica).


In order to protect the Mediterranean island Legalo from pirates and other countries, an organization called Arcana Famiglia was established. Current head of the family, Mondo, celebrates his April Fool's birthday with the surprising announcement that he'll give both his title and his daughter's hand in marriage to the winner of a tournament that'll he'll hold in two months, the Arcana Duello. In order to have some say over her own fate, his daughter Felìcita decides to compete as well...




© HuneX/Arcana Famiglia Production Committee

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