VIDEO: Vita "Earth Defense Force 3" to Feature Online 4-Player Co-Op

Pocket-sized planet saving coming to Japan this fall

The first promo for the PS Vita port of Earth Defense Force 3 was revealed today, along with the news that this will be the first game in the series to have up to four player online co-op or versus play. If you need an explanation of what Earth needs defending from, check out our brief overview from last week. 



Will you be ready to destroy all mobs by the time Earth Defense Force 3 Portable comes out in Japan this fall? In addition to the standard edition, there will be a double pack that contains two copies of the game at a total price of 7,329 yen (about US $92.27) instead of 6,090 ($73.67) a piece, making it tempting to go in on it with a friend. 


via My Game News Flash

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