Marriage Counseling Site's Mascot Girl Attracts Japanese Males

Some expect getting marriage with the 2-D character

O-net, one of the most popular marriage counseling companies in Japan, has started using a moe character named "Yui Akai" as guide to explain its service on the official website since last month. Ironically, the visitors attention have focused on more the 2-D character herself than potential marriage partners in the real world so far. The character description tells us that her age is unknown and her hobby is cooking. She always tweets about cooking and weather on her official Twitter account.


According to the Konkatsu News's article on June 16, the typical reactions to her are like:


"Moe!! I guess this is the way how to attract Otakus..."

"She is so cute!"

"I must register myself with O-net if I can get married with Akai Yui-chan!"

"I have almost lost the will to get married with anyone, because this moe-character is so adorable."

"How can I capture Yui-chan?"


On the other hand, some people are skeptical about her usefulness for the site, because

this kind of moe character may appeal to only a certain type of Japanese males.


"Female users might stop using the service?"

"It is meaningless to use a 2-D character to promote the site for finding a real marriage partner."

"It seems Yui Akai has been well-liked, but is she really good for the service?"


What do you think? Do you think the moe characters like Yui Akai are helpful to find your best marriage partner?

Do you want to get married with Yui-chan, if possible?



Source: Konkatsu News


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