Capcom Announces "Okami HD" for Fall Release on Playstation Network

Sleeper Playstation 2 hit to be re-released with Move support for budget price

Following up on a previous report yesterday, one of the biggest hits to come out of the ultimately shuttered Clover Studios, headed up by notable ex-Capcom staffers was the action-adventure game Okami, in which you played as the personification of the god Amaterasu in the form of a wolf with the ability to create spells and other background elements using an enchanted paintbrush known as the Celestial Brush.


Okami HD key art 


Possibly sensing another opportunity to cash in and add yet more incentive to move more peripherals (mind the pun) Capcom have taken it upon themselves to release the game again, this time with upscaled HD graphics and support for Sony's slow-selling Move motion controllers. As a bonus, the game will be sold for $19.99 when it launches this Fall over Playstation Network, but there's no word on whether IGN will contribute to a new strategy guide.



I'm somewhat excited this game is getting a re-release, since it's a great game and everyone should play it at least once, but another part of me feels like Capcom is desperately trying to see what sells since their last few releases aren't selling millions of copies.


What do you think?

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