Platinum Games' "Anarchy Reigns" Slips into 2013

Wild multiplayer brawler gets delayed outside of Japan again

Japanese gamers will be able to get their hands on the multiplayer madness of Platinum Games' Anarchy Reigns (titled Max Anarchy over there) in July, but North America and Europe are both going to have to wait a bit longer. While Anarchy Reigns was originally scheduled for fall 2011, it eventually slipped to January 2012, and then to a worldwide July 2012 release date. Now it's not expected outside of Japan until the first quarter of 2013.


No concrete date has been set, but hopefully it won't slip too much further out of that general window. In the meantime, those who feel like putting in a bit of work and creating Japanese accounts on PlayStation Network or Xbox Live can try out the Max Anarchy demo. The Japanese edition is also apparently region free, but as you can see in the tweet below, the folks at Platinum Games can't endorse or support imports.



Producer Atsushi Inaba and the rest at Platinum Games actually hadn't heard about the update until it was public knowledge. He hopped on Twitter to say, "Today's Q1 2013 release news was the first we'd heard of it. Even if we wanted to, we can't comment as we're (still) in the dark officially." Platinum as a whole has been very apologetic about the announcement.


Check out some of our previous posts for a look at Anarchy Reigns in action. Anyone bummed to hear about the delay?



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