VIDEO: "Tari Tari" Anime Remains Quaint in Latest Promo

Original school girl anime series airs in Japan next month

The latest promo for Tari Tari has made its way online. The original school girl anime series—animated by P.A. Works (Angel Beats!, Another, Hanasaku Iroha) and directed by Masakazu Hashimoto (Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva)—starts its Japanese TV run on July 6. Get about 30 quaint seconds of school girl life below. 



As we outlined previously, some of the show's cast includes Ayahi Takagaki (Kurisu Yukine from Symphogear, Mitsuba Marui from Misudomoe), Asami Seto (Yoshino Takatsuki from Wandering Son, Chihaya Ayase from Chihayafuru), Saori Hayami (Chihiro Miura from Morita-san wa Mukuchi, Yurin L'Ciel from Gundam AGE), Nobunaga Shimazaki (Kaito Kirishima from Ano Natsu de Matteru, some roles in One Piece), and Natsuki Hanae (roles in Ben-To and You and Me). 



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