"The [email protected]" Character Jelly Set Offered in Japan

12 flavors represents 13 characters (Ami and Mami as one)

Bandai Premium, the official online shopping website for Bandai's items, has started accepting orders for the newest product from their Chara-Shoku line, "The [email protected] Jelly" today, on June 20. The summer gift set contains fruit jellies of 12 flavors. Each fruit flavor represent the character from the series. The set also includes a message letter that gives you an access code to have a conversation with the idols on the phone. The retail price of the set is 3,150 yen (approximately US$39.96). Which character's jelly do you want to taste first?


   Haruka  (Apple), Miki  (La France), Chihaya  (Blueberry)

   Makoto  (Passion fruit), Yayoi (Mikan), Yukiho (Ume)

  Ami&Mami (Pineapple), Iori (Muskmelon), Hibiki (Citrus depressa)

 Azusa (Grape), Ritsuko (Kiwi), Takane (Mango)

Source: Press Release


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