VIDEO: Smartphone-Controlled Robot Dog Unveiled in Japan

Can also recognize 50 spoken words

Japan's TOMY toy company is putting us one step closer to the Robot Apocaylpse with their introduction of the new canine contraption known as i-SODOG. This little guy, which can be controlled by a smartphone and spoken commands, can dance, shake hands, sit, interact with other robot dogs of it's kind, and...well, just watch the video below, already!



The i-SODOG is expected to sell for 30,000 JPY ($380) in spring 2013, so you may now start jumping up and down screaming "I WANT ONE!" at all before you.


Patrick Macias is editor in chief of Crunchyroll News. He also runs the Japanese Fashion Inferno tumblr blog. Follow him on twitter at @Patrick_Macias.

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