Capcom Community Manager Seth Killian Parting Ways with Company

Longtime fighting game competitor and fan splits with Capcom

For the last six years, Seth Killian has been the face of Capcom for the fan community, letting his love of Street Fighter and competitive fighting game expertise field questions and promote the company's return to the Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom franchises. He even weathered the storm of fan-rage over Street Fighter X Tekken's on-disc DLC controversy, and has worked as an advisor for Yoshinori Ono and Ryota Niitsuma on developing and balancing Capcom's current-gen fighters. He's even (technically) the final boss of Street Fighter IV.


Those days are coming to an end, as Killian announced in his blog on Capcom-Unity that he is parting ways with the company, expressing his gratitude to Ono and Niitsuma, as well as the entire fighting game community, to whom he said:


"Today, the community is strong, and growing stronger. We fight, we make mistakes, we argue, and we compete but in the end we have each other. To you, I can only say 'thank you.' You continue to electrify the world and show the power not just of a game, but of a living, breathing community. Strive to be your best selves, to share our magic with the next generation, and above all else, take care of each other. We are a family."

Finally, in the hope that Killian at least returns to part-time competition, I think I should share some old-school awesome: a Hyper Street Fighter II match between Killian (P1/ST Boxer) and fellow FGC legend Alex Valle (P2/II' Ryu).



Since Killian said he was leaving Capcom to "pursue a new dream," what do you think that means? Will he join other former Capcom employees at Platinum, or could something else be in the works?


via Capcom-Unity

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