Hideo Kojima Has Two Things to Say About "Metal Gear Solid 5"

Konami has been hiring staff for new "Metal Gear" project--could this be MGS5?

Even while we wait breathlessly for Platinum and Konami's off-the-wall action ride Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, people still wonder about the next numbered chapter in the Metal Gear Solid story. Somewhat crazy Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima recently spoke out at an interview about Metal Gear Solid 5, which will run on the company's new FOX Engine.


"About Metal Gear Solid 5, I can tell you two things. There will be much question of infiltration, espionage, and convincing people to give you 'a favor' like in the last Metal Gear Solid."

There's some contention over that last bit, since the original interview was translated from Japanese to French, and then from French to English, so Kojima could be talking about "earning favors," since loyalty was one of the key themes of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.



And kidnapping recruiting people with the Fulton System.


Kojima also talked about influences for future MGS titles:


"I liked the idea of social interactions in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but we'll see."


As to whether or not Solid Snake will be taking the lead in this installment, Kojima simply said that they're not done with Solid Snake, even though Kojima wanted to let him die at the end of Guns of the Patriots. Personally, I wouldn't mind more of Big Boss and his "believe in me, who believes in you" speeches, but what about you? With all this talk of favors and social interaction, what could Metal Gear Solid 5 bring to the table?



via IGN

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