Nintendo Will, In Fact, Be Producing a Larger 3DS

Rumor says yes! Nintendo says no! Three weeks later Nintendo says yes again!

Nintendo, why you gotta play with my feelings like that? I was all ecstatic when Joseph broke the news about a possible larger 3DS for my giant gorilla paws, and the very next day I reluctantly delivered Nintendo's statement, debunking the whole thing as a rumor. Well, it turns out that Nintendo lied about the lies being lies, making it a lie within a lie.



Sorry, back on topic now...


In tonight's Nintendo Direct, we got a look at the 3DS supersized baby brother, the 3DS LL--just to clarify, the DSi XL was known as the DSi LL in Japan, so it's assumed that the US release will also be called the 3DS XL.





With larger screens, a more rounded design, and separate Select/Home/Start buttons on the bar, it looks like a solid improvement. So far, the only announced colors are white, red and black, and silver and black. To keep costs down, the 3DS XL won't come with an AC adapter, but is compatible with DSi and 3DS adapters--the larger model will naturally have better battery life than the original. While the 3DS' bigger, badder baby brother is scheduled for a July 28th release in Japan, there's no word on a US release yet.


If this ever comes Stateside, I'm gonna be a little sad retiring my Zelda 3DS, but it'll make cheating in Find Mii letting everybody play in Mario Kart 7 a hell of a lot easier. What do you think?



via IGN

Thanks to lord0bacon for the tip!

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