"Happiness" Station in Hokkaido Has Its Own Moe Goddesses

Do you believe in the power of moe goddesses?

Kofuku (means happiness in Japanese) Station in Obihiro-city, Hokkaido, has attracted visitors who wanted some luck of the station's name to rub off on to them since 1970s, even after the railway line itself ended operations in 1987. Following the latest huge moe character boom in the Japanese tourist industry, the station announced on June 22 that it has two moe station goddesses, Miyuki and Megumi, to share more luck with the tourists. They were designed by a Hokkaido-native manga artist/illustrator Mikeou. They have already started promoting the station on its official site. And their character goods will be available at the station in the middle of July this year. Do you want tot get some luck from them?


Megumi (left) and Miyuki (right)


Miyuki may seem pretty meek, but has a stalwart heart inside. She wishes the tourists' happiness

with her songs and healing power.


Megumi is a very sociable and active goddess. She wants to spread love with her favorite love fortune-telling.


The real Kofuku station


Source: Netlabo


© Obihiro-city/Kofuku Station


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