"Naruto: Road To Ninja" Reveals Sakura's Parents

New design shot raises plenty of questions

The latest design illustrations have revealed that Sakura's parents will be finally making their Naruto debut in this summer's Masashi Kishimoto planned Road to Ninja movie. They're pretty normal looking... at least by the standards of Naruto's world, but that in and of itself might have some interesting implications. 


The premise of the movie is that the Naruto and Sakura that we know and love are transported to a mirror version of the Hidden Leaf Village. That raises more than a few questions about the previously unseen couple. Are these characters the same as the ones in the conventional universe or are Mr. Kizashi Haruno and Mrs. Mebuki Haruno so unexceptional that mirroring them makes no difference? Is the fact that Sakura evidently doesn't get along with this version of her mother indicative of how she feels about the standard version?



Meanwhile, there are new color shots of a less busty Tsunade, compensating Shizune, and emo Ino.

The movie's Twitter account has lately been adding more behind the scenes pics of the feature's happy Namikaze/Uzumaki family. 

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