JManga Adds Three New Romance Titles

Rin Kouduki's "The Knight Princess of Aurelian" and "Sereila of Silver" and more premiere

It's a decidedly romantic update on JManga this Tuesday with three Ohzora Publishing titles being added to the digital manga portal. The premieres of Rin Kouduki's The Knight Princess of Aurelian and Sereila of Silver and Yuko Takada'A Dream Woven With a Sheik are joined by volume 2 of When I'm With You, which is a romance of sorts, but you'll have to see its description below.


When I'm With You Vol. 2
Created by Fumiwo Kagami
An unlucky young man with chronic diarrhea, Iwai Yoshiaki never expected that his condition would lead to the meeting of a lifetime! After getting yet another upset stomach, Iwai staggered into a cafe, desperately searching for a bathroom. What he found (restroom aside) was a cute, part-time waitress with whom he fell in love at first sight. A touching story of awkward, innocent romance between two high school students who meet at a cafe and gradually develop a relationship.

The Knight Princess of Aurelian
Created by Rin Kouduki
Aira is a knight chosen to protect Prince Rudeiris, the First of the Kingdom of Aurelian. With a heart of honor and an undying devotion to her duties an unexpected kiss from the Prince awaits her in the palace!? At first, she was irritated by the cunning and playful Prince but, as she learns more about a deep and darker side of him that’s filled with sorrow she begins to yearn to become closer to him------!?

A Dream Woven With a Sheik
Created by Yuko Takada
This story takes place on a small heart shaped island known as Litole Land. The kind- hearted True, who devotes her life to caring for war orphans, has met and fallen in love with Sheik Falfarhk, prince of the desert, who has visited Litole Land under disguise. The Sheik proposes to True suddenly, and it seems the proposition is for a political marriage in order to protect the countries’ resources. “If only you were not a prince and wanted me just for love.” What will happen to these lovers from such different worlds?!

Created by Rin Kouduki
“Holy maiden of silver” gives blessing to the people at the temple in Irgue kingdom. One day, she wakes up in the bed of King Adil! Being confused, she tries to go back to the temple, but the king forcibly pushes her down and gives her a passionate kiss. Then, the king makes an unbelievable confession that he stole her virginity. The holy maiden of silver becomes a captive of the king who names her “Sereila.” Feeling antipathy against him, she is gradually charmed by his noble attraction….!?


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