VIDEO: "Meet the Pyro" Completes "Team Fortress 2: Meet the Team" Series of Shorts

Mpphh mmmpph mmmmpph mph mmmphh!!

It always makes me a little sad when I hear that people don't play Team Fortress 2, since in my opinion it's not only the single best first-person shooter on the market right now, but it also happens to be free, and a hilarious and ultraviolent combination of Looney Tunes, Pixar's best, and an '80s action movie.


Whether you play it or not, though, you can still enjoy the exceptional Meet the Team animated shorts, which finally come to a conclusion with Meet the Pyro, which was released today.



Now they need to release a "Pyro-Vision" hat. Or mod, I really don't care which. Meet the Spy is probably my favorite of the videos, but this one's just amazing--what do you think? Are you going to fire up a copy of TF2 and get some W + Mouse1 action on?

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