Meet Kamen Rider Wizard

A literally and figuratively darker Rider follows the campy Kamen Rider Fourze

Maybe a bit Harry Potter. Maybe a bit Type-Moon in a Fate/Zero vein. What's sure about the twenty-third Kamen Rider tokusatsu series is that Wizard will be a bit less campy than its Fourze predecessor. This week, Junon fashion magazine contest winner Shunya Shiraishi was officially introduced as hero Haruto Sohma.


Shunya Shiraishi plays the surivor of an occult sacrifice who manages to rescue a mysterious girl played by Passpo idol Makoto Okunaka.





It's said that the Kamen Rider series succeed when they have action that appeals to the kids and a handsome lead that appeals to their moms. Think this one does the trick? Are you interested in seeing a mage Rider?


via Yaraon and Mantanweb

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