Crunchyroll to Stream Studio 4°C and Toyota Collaboration Anime “PES: Peace Eco Smile”

Begins streaming today at 11am PDT

Ok, Crunchyroll has pulled yet another new anime announcement out of the proverbial bag of tricks at Anime Expo. Today at 11am PDT (hey, that’s right now), Crunchyroll will begin streaming PES: Peace Eco Smile.



PES: Peace Eco Smile is a collaboration between Toyota and Japanese animation powerhouse Studio 4°C (Genius Party, the new Thundercats). The story concerns a young man from space, an ordinary girl, a unique connection, and a colorful cast of characters. Here's the synopsis:


The story takes place in Kichijoji, one of the most popular districts in Tokyo. Pes saves Kurumi when she almost falls into the pond of Inokashira Park. Pes falls in love with Kurumi as soon as she kisses him. Pes starts working as a part-time in the flower shop and begins his adventures on Earth.


Episodes 1 and 2 of PES: Peace Eco Smile are available now to all users worldwide, except Japan. More episodes will be added soon.

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