NIS America President: "Disgaea 5" Eventually Coming

Sequel to fan-favorite SRPG series in the works

Let me make this very clear: Disgaea is not a game. It's an undertaking, a responsibility like a new job or a new pet. It takes time out of your other hobbies, it eats at you when you're not playing it, and you start seeing the world in red-and-blue grids.


Fans of NIS' strategy-RPG-comedy series have something to look forward to in the near future regarding the next entry--NIS America President Sohei Niikawa confirmed at Anime Expo that Disgaea 5 is in the works. No other details were given except that the company does plan on making the game, so for now, let the speculation begin! Will we get a whole new cast? Which famous faces will return for more?



via Joystiq

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