PS2 Classics Hit Japanese PSN "Game Archives" Collection

"Contra," "Siren," and "Resident Evil" joined by obscure classic "Dragon Force" and more

Every month, I pick up one or two PS1 games from the PlayStation Network's sizable collection of classics, from genre staples like Vagrant Story to more obscure titles like CyberBots. Japanese fans of classic gaming will now get a chance to try some of the PS2's best, as the Japanese PSN's "Game Archives" are getting a handful of great titles added, starting July 25.


The initial line-up includes the PS2 port of the Dreamcast's Resident Evil: Code Veronica, historical Japanese strategy game Kessen, ruthless actioner Shin Contra (released in North America as Contra: Shattered Soldier), creepy survival-horror adventure Siren, and the best news here for me, the PS2 port of Saturn strategy-RPG Dragon Force (not to be confused with the British speed-metal band). Sega was so stoked about the re-release of Dragon Force that they put out a trailer showing off the game's beautiful 32-bit 2D graphics and art:



The five of you who actually owned a Saturn and a copy of Dragon Force know why the game's such a big deal--since the PS1 literally couldn't handle that much 2D animation with its low memory, the game had to be on the Saturn, at least until the PS2 came around.


Future titles for the PS2 Game Archives section include Dynamite Deka (released in the US as Die Hard Arcade) and Gunstar Heroes Treasure Box, both set for August release, as well as Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore and Dark Cloud.


Out of all of those, the only ones I really need to come Stateside are Dragon Force and the Gunstar Heroes Treasure Box, but what about you? Do you want to see the North American PSN pick up some (or all) of these titles?



via Andriasang (1)(2)(3)

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