Japanese Police Used Helicopters to Catch Manga Shoplifters

Stealing 98 manga books (56,000 yen/US$700 worth)

On July 2 the Izumi station of Miyagi Prefectural Police arrested three males (two 24-year-old, one 26) on suspicion of stealing 98 manga books (56,000 yen/US$700 worth) from a video rental shop in Izumi-ku of Sendai-city around 2:20 pm on that day.


The three suspects tried to escape by car on the national and prefectural roads at breakneck speed repeating red-light violations. More than 20 police cars and police helicopters from the Izumi and Sendai Higashi station dispatched to track down them. After 40 minute high-speed chase on the highway, they stopped the car near the Sendai Port because of a tire blowout. The police finally caught them on the spot. The suspects' car hit several cars during the chase, fortunately nobody was injured. While two of them admitted their guilt, the one who owned the car denied the charge of theft by saying "I don't know anything."


This case shows that Japanese police really consider manga shoplifting as serious crime and would

do anything necessary to stop it. Is their reaction appropriate or just waste of taxpayers' money?

What do you think?


Miyagi Prefectural Police Aviation Unit's helicopter "Aoba JA6134"


Source: Kahoku Online Network


Helicopter photos © Miyagi Prefectural Police

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