VIDEO: "Dragon Ball Z For Kinect" Rocks the Dragon in New Trailer

Now with "Episode of Bardock" and Super Saiyan Bardock--and the return of Budokai!

We've already seen the kind of craziness you can unleash in Dragon Ball Z for Kinect, from posing and punching in your living room to using QR codes for unlockables. A new trailer shows off the newest addition to the cast: Goku's rough-and-tumble father Bardock, as well as the never-been-released in the US and Europe Episode of Bardock special.



Call me old-fashioned, but I always thought Bardock was pretty cool without the Super Saiyan upgrade. Watching his original TV special, Bardock's fight scenes had a lot of vicious and aerobatic creativity, which we're probably not going to get when he's all glowing and golden and (mostly) invincible.



In addition to the DBZ for Kinect news, Namco Bandai also announced that the Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection would be coming out--but only in Europe for now. The collection will feature Dragon Ball Z Budokai and Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3, but no word has been given about whether or not the collection will be coming out in the US. I'm kind of hoping it does, since Budokai 3 is one of my favorite DBZ games ever, but what about you? Will you be picking up Dragon Ball Z for Kinect?

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