13,000 SNES JRPG Sprites on a Single Wallpaper

Countless classics thrown together in a single dizzying image

For the few of you who are actually wondering, my Pictures folder is 2.61 gigabytes of beauty, laughter, and horror. One of my favorite ways to waste time online (and add to that collection) is to look for wallpapers. Normally I just click through /w/ and /wg/ for a half an hour and call it a day, but this wallpaper stood out for its sheer scale.


Compiling a whopping 13,000 sprites from SNES JRPGs, Reddit user adremeaux showed off a love for the old-school that's rarely seen.



If you can see them all at this resolution, I am impressed by your cyborg eyes.


Naturally, that's not a full-resolution shot, so you can download the actual wallpaper here. Just on a quick glance over it, I find Terra from Final Fantasy VI, Masa and Mune from Chrono Trigger, a Malboro, and Freedan from Illusion of Gaia. Were you able to find any of your favorites?



via Destructoid

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