"Resident Evil 6" to Have Over Four Hours of Cutscenes

Chris, Leon, Ada and company get plenty of time for story development... and zombie killing

I've always loved Resident Evil's schlocky B-movie story. It's not high art, but I'm always compelled to know what happens next to our band of hapless heroes as they fight their way through the Umbrella Corporation's armies of genetically-engineered monsters.


Fans worried about the action-heavy experience of the upcoming Resident Evil 6 will certainly get more of the zombie-killing adventures of Leon and Chris, as reports from the British Board of Film Classification mention a final count of four hours and fifteen minutes' worth of cutscenes. I was about to say this was good news, and then I remembered this:




Yeah, that's pretty much spot-on. A bit of good news to consider is that the game has three confirmed campaigns, and a rumored fourth campaign--so four hours of cutscenes spread out over that many campaigns isn't that bad. What do you think? Will all these cutscenes work in making Resident Evil 6 more than just a great co-op zombie blast-a-thon?



via Destructoid

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