"Cyborg 009" Getting New Comic and Possible Feature Film Adaptation

Unveil of new Cyborg 009 projects ahead of Comic-Con

Shotaro Ishinomori's Cyborg 009 shonen manga is set to get another shot at the US market, as comic book publisher Archaia is preparing for a new adaptation of the manga legend's most defining work, set to be published by next year's Comic Con. The new comic series will retain the core elements of the franchise while featuring a new story, as the original manga was centered around Cold War era politics. Writers F.J. DeSanto and Bradley Cramp are handling the new book. Art duties will be handled by Canadian artist Marcus To. 


Cyborg 009 comparison


Along with the new comic, the franchise is also set to be developed into a feature film with Ishinomori Entertainment looking into the possibilities of making a Cyborg 009 feature film tailored to Western audiences, as Production I.G.'s own 3D Re: Cyborg 009 film is set in the present day, albeit while toning down some of the more questionable elements found in the original manga.


With Ishinomori Entertainment looking to sell US audiences on Cyborg 009, what does everyone think about this new attempt to turn the series into a more accessible franchise? Personally, I'd rather see more of 009-1, but that's just me.


via The Hollywood Reporter

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