"Deus Ex" Movie on the Way from "Hitman" Producer

Just so you know, it's pronounced "day-us ex," not "do sex"

Video game movies are incredibly hit-or-miss. You have the real crap like Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-li or King of Fighters, and pretty-but-dull efforts like Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. The Resident Evil movies are goofy, idiotic horror-actioners (but still very fun), and while Prince of Persia wasn't exactly bad, it still felt like a C-grade Disney adventure movie.



The real reason I liked Prince of Persia


Another video game movie is on the way, this time adapting Eidos and Square-Enix's Deus Ex series of cyberpunk RPGs. So far, all that's known is that the film will be produced by Roy Lee (The Departed) and Andrian Askarieh (Hitman).


While a choice-heavy role-playing game with a lot of actual role-playing might not be my first choice for a film adaptation, who knows? This might actually be pretty good, especially since we haven't had a good cyberpunk movie in a while (the new Total Recall doesn't count). What do you think? Will this go the way of so many other video game movies, or will Deus Ex succeed where others have failed?


via Gamespot

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