Shigeru Miyamoto Really Wants "Metroid" and "Star Fox" on Wii U

Nintendo's most famous designer hopes for new installments of sci-fi adventure games

We already know a new Mario game is headed to the Wii U, and that plenty of this generation's hit titles will be joining the lineup. But what about Nintendo's other franchises?


In a recent interview, Shigeru Miyamoto talked about how Metroid would work on the Wii U with his usual brand of infectious optimism.


"With Metroid it's very easy to imagine some interesting implementation for Wii U. I think that having another screen with the gyro built in really gives you a lot of interesting opportunities for development, and we can bring a lot of our games to life in a completely unique way with that."




So he really didn't have that much to say, but at least he wants to bring his trademark sense of innovation and "fun above all else" feel to the series. When asked about which IP Miyamoto would like to see on the Wii U, he stated that, personally, he would love to see Star Fox return.


Yeah, him and a whole lot of other Nintendo fans. While I'm more into the possibility of a new Metroid (I'll even be happy with another Prime game--those were amazing), I'd certainly welcome the chance to barrel-roll through Corneria's skies and dogfight with the Star Wolf team. What about you? Which classic Nintendo IPs are you most interested in seeing on the Wii U?



via IGN

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