JManga Announces New Manga and Comic Con Plans

Second volume of "Walkin' Butterfly" and English language debut of Tactics volume 10 joined by three new Ohzora titles

In this week's Tuesday update, JManga is pushing ahead with the second volume of modeling josei manga Walkin' Butterfly, the English language debut of volume 10 of Tactics, and three new Ohzora Publishing titles. 


tactics Vol. 10
Created by Sakura Kinoshita , Kazuko Higashiyama
The strongest Tengu and the most sinister brain are here! Kantarou Ichinomiya is a folklorist, whose real job is as a monster exterminator. With the help of the legendary monster, Haruka the demon-eating Tengu, he solves all kinds of trouble. A gorgeous manga of monster exterimination!


Love Dances In The Night
Created by Harumo Sanazaki
The young noble, Stefan, is burdened with the fate of never dying or aging. He who lives in eternal solitude, and the lover he would not release from his heart... she is Marie-Agnes, whom he met in London. Even while he believes it is she who is his soul mate, Stefan hesitates because he loves her, not knowing if he should drag her into his same fate of being something not human...


SEREILA OF SILVER -The Kidnapped Princess Falls In Love With The Falcon King- Vol. 1
Created by Rin Kouduki
After being kidnapped by King Adil, Sereila becomes his fiancée. The more she is attracted to him, the more she is frustrated..... In the mean time, an elegant nobleman approaches her!? Royal love story between an aggressive young king and a captive princess!!


The Twelve Hour Ruler Vol. 1
Created by Wasa Sagiri
One day, Koyuki, a girl who works at a tavern in the port city of Salim, is saved from the advances of a feudal lord by a pair of twin princes, the cool and collected older brother Eleven and the free-spirited younger brother Twelve. After they invite her to the palace, Koyuki begins to learn the truth and destiny of the Empire. A royal fantasy revolving around the myths of the desert empire Orchis!!


Walkin' Butterfly Vol. 2
Created by Chihiro Tamaki
At 5’ 10", our protagonist Michiko is full of complexes about her height. Then, by some freak accident, she finds herself mistaken for a model and at a fashion show. Once there, only the clothing designer, Mihara, is able to see through to Michiko’s true identity and criticizes her with scathing words: “You won't last one step on that catwalk. Because you can't see your true self.” This is a realistic showbiz story about the turbulent world of fashion.


JManga announced that it will be holding a special panel “JManga: The Future of Digital Manga” at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con International on  Friday July 13 th from 11:00am to 12:00pm in room 25ABC.

In the first part of the panel, JManga’s Robert Newman will be making some exciting announcements on new acquisitions, services and projects coming soon to In the second part of the panel, Deb Aoki  (Manga editor, and Calvin Reid (Publishers Weekly, PW Comics World) will be joining Robert  Newman for a discussion on JManga on the future of digital manga. JManga will be giving away a New iPad, loads of JManga Points, and more special prizes straight from Akihabara throughout the panel.

Panel Details:
Name: JManga: The Future of Digital Manga
Date: Friday, July 13 11:00-12:00
Location: San Diego Convention Center Room 25ABC 

Summary: —It's been one year since the launch of, the world's first official and legal manga portal  website. Find out where the international manga scene is headed. See what's new on JManga and what's on the  way. Join Deb Aoki (Manga editor,, Calvin Reid (Publishers Weekly, PW Comics World), and Robert  Newman (JManga) for a discussion on JManga and the future of digital manga. Giveaways: New iPad, JManga Points and more special prizes straight from Akihabara!


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