"Tales" Remakes Coming with Graphical Updates and More

Series producer talks about revisiting classics from Namco Bandai's RPG franchise

Tales fans already have some good news with Tales of Xillia making its way to North America, but certain older titles are still only available on their original systems. Series producer Hideo Baba wants to revisit more titles in the Tales series, promising graphical upgrades and other gameplay improvements to make them more accessible and to pull in newer audiences.


Baba didn't give any word on whether nor not these titles would be coming to the States, but newer Tales titles have made their way over eventually in some form or another. Tales of the Abyss was ported to the 3DS and brought to North America, and the updated Tales of Innocence R is slated for future release. Tales fans, what titles do you want to see get the updated remake treatment?


via Siliconera

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