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VIDEO: Chinese Vocaloid Song Collection PV "sing sing sing"

Contains seven new songs by Luo Tianyi

With the release of the Chinese Vocaloid 3 package in China, VOCALOID CHINA PROJECT posted a promotion video for a CD "sing sing sing" which introduced seven new songs by one of the Chinese Vocaloid characters, Luo Tianyi (洛 天依), on their official site. The video also contains illustrations of Luo Tianyi drawn by Chinese artists for a special booklet "Art Collections". The CD and the booklet are bundled with the first limited edition of the Vocaloid 3 Luo Tianyi package. How do you like the songs and illustrations? 


Song list

1. 茉莉花的音符 by 謝謝P


3. 风萤 by Zoey

4. 不辍 by 乐痕

5. 三月雨 by Wing翼

6. 自然物语 by Ryuu

7. 千年食谱颂 by H.K.Kun



Source: Hatsune Mikumiku


© Vocaloid China Project

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