VIDEO: Outstanding "Macross" and "Combattler V" Pachinko Mecha Animation

Mecha favorites revived for the gaming parlor

Anime's seeing plenty of remakes and revivals these days, but if you really want to check out some nostaligia service, see what's turning up in the panchinko parlors. It's just about anything from Ga-Rei Zero to Rose of Versailles. If there's substance to the chatter, don't be shocked to see a Cowboy Bebop machine at some point. 


With Macross celebrating it's 30th anniversary, it's only appropriate to see what was animated specially for its panchinko machine.


Though it doesn't have the same international cache as Macross, Sunrise's 1976 Combattler V is still noteworthy. It kicked off the influencial Robot Romance Trilogy and even made it to the US as Combattra in Mattel's Shogun Warriors line.

Theme song from Tk +9 Factory 

"Battlefield" by Rio Asaba & Satsy


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