US Version of "Web Koihime Mousou" MMO Launches Today

Browser-based online strategy game based off of hit franchise launches in English

Ever wanted to play Web Koihime Mousou after watching the anime series but the language barrier was simply too steep to navigate? Today's your lucky day, as the US version of the online strategy game is officially launching to all after an extensive beta period.


 web koihime mousou logo


In Web Koihime Mousou, players can collect Battle Maidens from the the Koihime universe to fight alongside them in their quest to unify the three kingdoms and use the same mechanics as other strategy games such as resource management and troop management against other players with the below characters. The mechanics of the game also allow for additional ability slots for each character known as "Ougi" for additional options for each character in terms of attack, defense and even resource generation.


Battle Maiden Chohi
Battle Maiden Choun
Battle Maiden Kanu
Battle Maiden Ryubi
Battle Maiden Sonken
Battle Maiden Sonsaku
Battle Maiden SoSo
Battle Maiden Totaku


Adding to the allure of the game for many is the inclusion of 5 minute long sessions, which means that it's not necessary to spend hours upon hours grinding away at the game building up armies and resource gathering, unless you're into that sort of thing. The game is live now and you can get more info at the official site. Anyone up for playing the moe version of the Three Kingdoms?

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