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"Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere" PSP Game Busts Out with Pre-Order Bonuses

"School sengoku RPG" features unique missions and a bevy of characters from the anime and novel

I don't remember much about Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere--it had something to do with kids at a school and ship-nations and magic that was actually really advanced technology and, uh...




...yeah. Oh right, and the animation was spectacular, but aside from that, folks who are in the same boat as me can get a refresher by checking out the PSP adaptation of the series!


Featuring 80 characters from the anime and light novel series, Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere for the PSP will have unique missions and turn-based battles with a four-character party. Fans who pre-order the game will receive a code to download the enigmatically-titled Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere Breast Paradise.



Seriously, no clue what the pre-order bonus games might be about.


Also, check out a few screenshots of the game--on the small chance that a Horizon game ever made it to North America, would you give it a whack?









via Andriasang

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