Totally Badical "Double Dragon: Neon" Price and Release Date Details

WayForward's badass '80s-style brawler gets pushed back a few months

A few months ago, Double Dragon: Neon was announced and totally blew my mind. The side-scrolling brawler would be developed by expert hardcore game studio WayForward with a bright, appropriately-garish '80s style and multiplayer that's called bro-op, and was set to arrive sometime this month, which is why I've been sitting in front of my TV in a headband, ripped jean jacket and fingerless gloves.


Unfortunately, fans who are ready to take on the rude, crude dudes from "Skullmageddon" will have to wait a little bit, as the game's release has been pushed back to September 11, 2012 for PlayStation Network, and September 12, 2012 for Xbox Live Arcade. In a bit of good news, the game will only cost $9.99/1200 MSP.


I'm actually okay with this--after drowning myself in '80s nostalgia in preparation for The Expendables 2 in August, I'll get a nice chaser the following month with Double Dragon: Neon. What about you?



via Joystiq

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