VIDEO: "MechWarrior Online" Centurion Reveal Trailer

Free-to-play mecha battle due later this year

Due out in the third quarter of this year, free-to-play Mechwarrior Online promises to put in command of a customizable war machine, walking the battlefields of a massive interstellar war. Preview its new Centurion mech below.



The original BattleTech pen and paper and board game series on which MechWarrior is based, has had a history fraught with contentious intellectual property conflicts, particularly regarding anime. In 1984, it had to change its name from Battledroids after Lucasfilm asserts its copyright on "droid." Mecha designs from anime including MacrossDougram and Crusher Joe were incorporated into the game,  then moved in and out of its "unseen" classification depending on law suits and legal agreements.

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