An Exclusive Look at Takashi Miike's "Hara-Kiri: Death Of A Samurai"

"13 Assassins" director's 3D debut hits Video on Demand today and theaters on the 20th

After making his renowned samurai epic 13 Assassins, filmmaker Takashi Miike quickly returned to the period with Ninja Kids!!! for the youngsters and the far more serious Hara-Kiri for older fans. The latter has finally seen its anticipated North American release, launching on Video on Demand today and hitting theaters (in 3D) on July 20.


Crunchyroll News is pleased to be able to offer an exclusive early look.


Desperate young ronin Motome requests to commit ritual suicide in the courtyard of his feudal lord, secretly hoping to be turned away out of pity with a few coins of charity. The lord recognizes his bluff, however, and decides to send a message by forcing Motome to see the ritual through to its grisly end. Realizing his situation, Motome begs to postpone the ritual, but finds the samurai resolute in their traditions.

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