Official Itasha for Yuri Game "White Robe Love Syndrome" Auctioned

Good opportunity to be the Itasha owner

A Japanese video game company Kogado Studio began auctioning their official Itasha "Shirokoigo"(白恋号) on the Yahoo! Auctions Japan site on July 17. The car was made for sales promotion for their latest non-adult Yuri game series "White Robe Love Syndrome" (白衣性恋愛症候群). The final edition of the series "White Robe Love Syndrome RE: Therapy" for PC and PSP was already released on June 28 in Japan, so the car's duty is over.


The car itself is Daihatsu's kei car (small vehicle) Tanto. It was manufactured in 2004 and the mileage is 35,248km. The auction's starting bid was 900,000 yen (approximately US$11,454) and it has been no bidders so far. The auction will end at 00:27 pm on July 23. If you want to drive your

own Itasha, it may be a good opportunity? 



Source: White Robe Love Syndrome official blog




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