"Doraemon" Science Project Takes Flight

The first of 10 "Doraemon" DIY projects breaks sell-in records!

There has been a recent trend toward marketing a number of series of do-it-yourself model or toy projects, putting them in book-like packaging, and selling them through bookstores. Series of model cars, trains, military vehicles, and other projects are packaged with some pages of history and background information and sold in book-like boxes that look right at home on a bookstore shelf.


But Shogakukan's latest series, Doraemon Fushigi Science (fushigi means "weird" or "fun"), the first of which came to bookstore shelves on July 6th, has broken the sell-in records for these projects, already selling all 200,000 copies to bookstores and going back to produce another run of 40,000 more.



In this project, as the buyer, you make Doraemon's "Take Copter" which will fly when you turn the crank on the other end of the wire. The package includes building instructions, an illustrated explanation of the science behind it, and color manga drawn just for this project.



Future projects are said to include wind-powered LEDs, a clockwork robot Doraemon, and a strobe-light anime machine.



Would you drop your bookstore bucks on a do-it-yourself project?


©Fujiko Pro/Shogakukan

Source: animeanime.jp
Source: Doraemon Fushigi Science Official Site

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