Pikachu Meets Ronald McDonald at Pokémon Happy Meal Event

Oshawott spotted, too...

In what was probably the greatest photo op since Nixon went to China, Pikachu met hamburger loving clown Ronald McDonald at a recent event in Tokyo promoting McDonald’s new summer-themed Pokémon Happy Meal toys.



Ok, ok, HAPPY SET toys. They call Happy Meals “Happy Set” over in Japan, just to make our lives a little bit more delightful.




Anyway, these two pop culture titans -- three, if you count Oshawott there on the left -- met in a pile of dirt meant to represent a sandy beach in the waterfront area of Odaiba known as Palette Plaza. Oddly enough, they did not appear to battle it out. (Personally, we'd put odds on Ronald. Is there anything scarier than Japanese Ronald McDonald?)



Instead, the gang posed for pics with local kids while married “talent” couple Toshikazu Fukawa and Kaoru Tsuchiya extolled the virtues of the new Pokémon Happy Set toys. Fukawa really aimed for the rafters when saying, “These toys are all essential for playing outdoors! Perfect for the season! And they're so cute too!" He also especially praised the Pikachu rake…



The toys that caused all the commotion: You may now begin booking a hasty and ill-planned trip to hot and humid Japan in a desperate attempt to "catch 'em all"!


Source: Tokyo Walkerhttp://www.rbbtoday.com



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