Pokémon Adventure Camp Opens

An interactive "Pokémon" attraction opens outside of Nagoya

Pikachu has been busy. Right after his meeting with happy-meals-make-strange-bed-fellows partner Ronald McDonald, he must have taken the first bullet train down to Nagoya. On a rainy day just west of the Port of Nagoya, the Nagashima Spa Land amusement park celebrated the opening of their latest attraction, the Pokémon Adventure Camp (PAC).




It's the world's first large-scale, walk-through Pokémon attraction, and it opened on Saturday, July 21st, 2012.



It's a mostly-indoor attraction where visitors enter and become PAC Members, then they head to different environments, woods, waterfalls, caves, etc., represented by different rooms in the exhibit, and use their portable terminals to catch Pokémon, play various side games, and do Pokémon battles. You can seek out hiding Pokémon and gain "experience."



Each visitor is sent on one of five missions (stories) chosen at random, and with each mission comes three different kinds of games for a total of fifteen kinds. The member uses a special "compass" terminal, and with each cleared game, the terminal records and can display the various Pokémon they collected.



This isn't the only anime-themed section of the Nagashima Spa Land park. A few years back it also opened the Anpanman Museum and Park attraction for the younger set. But you can bet that Pokémon fans everywhere will be digging the 1000-yen entrance price (about $13) out of their wallets to experience Pokemon first hand!








Would you do the Pokémon Adventure Camp if one were built near you?

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Source: 4Gamer.net
Source: Pokémon Adventure Camp Official Site

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