VIDEO: "Macross SP Cross de Culture" Is One Part Rails Shooter, One Part Dating Sim

First game from Namco Bandai-DeNA venture now available on Android in Japan

The first game from the long-touted joint venture between Namco Bandai and Japanese mobile gaming giant DeNA has been released, and for once, it isn't a card game with the now standard social elements common to Japanese mobile games.


Macross SP Cross de Culture 


"Macross SP Cross de Culture" takes the typical Japanese social game and flips the idea by including a conventional slate of rail shooter levels, while another part of the game is a complete departure by including a dating sim component, presumably where you'll be able to work your mojo on either Ranka Lee or Sheryl Nome. 



The game itself is now available for Japanese Android handsets running Gingerbread or higher, with an iOS port in the works. While neither DeNA or Namco Bandai have yet confirmed an international release, knowing both companies' push for mobile social gaming in the US market, the possibility is there for such a release. Would anyone of you be willing to play the game if it came out here?

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