First Visuals from "Maoyuu Maou Yuusha" Fantasy Anime - UPDATED

A first look at the anime designs for Demon Queen and Hero

The site for the anime adaptation of "Spice and Wolf meets Dragon Quest" light novel series Maoyuu Maou Yuusha (Demon Queen and Hero) has gone live, and with it, there's a first look at the principal characters of the social criticism heavy fantasy series.


Originally a story posted on message board 2Ch, the serial by Touno Mamare has already inspired five manga adaptations:




Hero - that's the name he goes by. The  greatest warrior of the Human realm. He forsakes his quest to kill the demon queen in favor of working out a peaceful solution to the conflict between Humans and Demons.



Demon Queen - disguises herself as the Crimson Scholar to travel to the human world and share knowledge with that civilization.



via Yaraon and @Ikari_Gendo


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