Evangelion Continues Promotional Push With Karaoke and Eye Drop Campaigns

Along more conventional lines, Joysong karaoke promotion kicks off

Continuing its willingness to co-promote with just about anything from horse racing to airlines, and maybe continuing its ocular fascination too, Evangelion has teamed up with Santen Pharmaceutical for a campaign with SanteFX NEO and V+ eye drops.



"SanteFX neo is an eye drop that brightens your mood immediately after the refreshing sensation drops are applied. From students preparing for tests to hard workers - eye discomfort is cleared up immediately and you will feel like you can keep on going."

Perhaps they'll cure Rei's red eye. That's certainly what the picture seems to suggest.


A campaign web site offers an Evangelion inspired quiz to gauge your eye drop needs.



There's also a promotional offer to send away for lens cleaners, clear files, posters and cell charms.


Videos are also planned.


Along more conventional lines, there's a new karaoke special too. An Evangelion x Joysound team-up will feature "Nakano Nerv Branch" karaoke room with special Eva food and drink menu.





via @eva_fan


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