Media Blasters Licenses "Ai no Kusabi" and "Aki Sora" Anime

Former due out in December, latter not yet decided

Media Blasters is gearing up for Otakon with a couple of early licensing announcements that have popped up on their Facebook page. The first is the four-episode Ai no Kusabi, a 2012 OVA based on Rieko Yoshihara's boys' love novels. The second is the adult OVA Aki Sora: Yume no Naka, which will be a Kitty release.



Ai no Kusabi is due out in December from Animeworks, and is a remake of a previous adaptation, both animated by AIC (Now and Then, Here and There, R-15). Digital Manga Publishing releases Rieko Yoshihara's light novels—which are set in the future on a supercomputer-controlled planet, where the light-haired folks are "elite" and those with dark hair are considered "mongrels"—in North America.



The risqué Aki Sora: Yume no Naka is the second OVA to adapt Masahiro Itosugi's Aki Sora manga, which follows a relationship between a high school boy and his older sister. Takeo Takahashi (So, I Can't Play H!, Spice and Wolf) returns to direct, with animation by Hoods Entertainment (Mysterious Girlfriend X). Media Blasters has "not yet decided" on the release date for Aki Sora


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