Medicom Reveals Incredible "Evangelion 3.0" Real Action Hero Asuka Figure

Asuka's new look featured on impressive figures

Given how she was the original teaser image for the movie, it certainly seems like "Pirate" Asuka is going to be a centerpiece of Evangelion 3.0, or at least the merchandise around it. A cynical person might question whether the character's mishap was motivated by the desire to sell figures of a new version of the character. But, regardless, the 30cm Real Action Hero 3.0 Asuka is quite impressive. 


The high quality 1/6 scale Medicom Toys RAH figure goes on sale in January, 2013 for 18,900 yen ($241).


Speaking of impressive Asuka figures, Vertex showed off 80cm Rebuild of Evangelion Entry Plug Interior Ver. Asuka, going for 33,830 yen ($429.42) at the end of the year.


Kotobukiya has their own 1/7th scale Rebuild Asuka going on sale in September for 6,120 yen ($77.70)


Convenience store chain has some limited Asuka figures too:


via @eva_fan


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