"Children of the Sea" Color Poster for "Ikki" Issue 9

"Ikki" Issue 9 include a new Daisuke Igarashi short story.

It's only a few days in before of the publication of the final volume of Daisuke Igarashi's Children of the Sea -- Vol. 5. So the magazine that serialized the series, Ikki, is including in the latest issue a short story by Igarashi and a chance to win a huge B3-sized poster of the artwork found on the magazine cover.



The short story, Masayoshi to Baa-chan ("Masayoshi and Grandma"), is reportedly about a grandmother living alone and the grandson who comes to visit. It's complete in 17 pages.



Readers of Ikki can send in a reader response cards (anketto) for a chance to get the B3-sized poster of the artwork that graces the Ikki cover.



The poster comes from a collection of illustrations entitled Kaijuu to Tamashi ("Souls and the Sea") that will be released along with Children of the Sea, Vol. 5. Both come out on July 30, 2012.


Are you looking forward to the final volume of Children of the Sea?


©Daisuke Igarashi/Shogakukan

Source: Comic Natalie

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