Less Than Cute "Moe" Seafood Restaurant Opens in Akihabara

Eatery makes a linguistic case for why it should fit into Akihabara's moe landscape

See if you can stretch your definition of "moe" to include seafood with Hokkaido local flavor. The new Akihabara Ekimae branch of the Seafood Dining Rumoi Marche hopes that it'll work for visitors to the otaku mecca.


Though Rumoi Marche, located near the Electric Town ticket gate at JR Akihabara Station, doesn't have maids or an anime-inspired decor, its operators are quick to note that "Rumoi" consists of two kanji used for "stay" and "moe." 



Rumoi is the name of a city in northern Hokkaido along the Sea of Japan and its Mayor, Sadatoshi Takahashi, and  Sapporo Lion President Yoshiaki Tone, recently signed an agreement to try to bring the local foods and beverages of the region to Akihabara. The Sapporo Lion company's association with Hokkaido stems from its connection with Japan's leading beer maker, Sapporo Holdings Ltd.


The converted Mediterranean food restaurant is set up with rooms named for the regional municipalities and the interior of the eatery is reminiscent of the city.


While Rumoi food has a reputation in Hokkaido, so far Tokyo doesn't seem to have developed the same moe affection for its seafood yet. Rumoi Marche aims to change that.



via  Asahi Shimbun


Scott Green is editor and reporter for anime and manga at geek entertainment site Ain't It Cool News. Follow him on Twitter at @aicnanime. 

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