RUMOR: "Battle Royale" to be a U.S. TV Series?

"LA Times" reports that CW is in talks with Hollywood reps to make it happen.

No matter what you may think of The Hunger Games, one thing for sure is its status as a Hollywood hit. And where there are hits, people are going to do things to try to capitalize on those hits. It also hasn't escaped Hollywood's attention that The Hunger Games bears a considerable resemblance to Koushun Takami's book-cum-media phenomenon Battle Royale.



The interesting thing is todays rumor coming from the LA Times, is so specific. According to them, CW is in talks with representatives in Hollywood to turn Battle Royale into a U.S. television series.



Now a few things to remember. No matter if it's the LA Times, Hollywood Reporter, or God Himself reporting on such events, there is no guarantee that anything will come from them. First the LA Times notes they still haven't gotten Takami's permission yet (an absolute must) and that a lawyer that representing the rights, Joyce Jun, was quoted as saying, "There is no deal in place." Even if the rumor were true and there was a deal, the project could go into development hell and never see the light of day.




So this is simply a fun piece of grist for the rumor mill. It's your turn to take it from here. Would a Battle Royale TV series make you tune in? Casting ideas?


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