If You Buy "Darksiders II," THQ and Vigil Might Make "Darksiders III"

In other news, bacon tastes good and the Internet is not family-friendly

Every now and then, a developer says something that sparks discussion. More often, though, developers will say something so blitheringly obvious you have to double-check your news feed to see if you read it right.


Vigil Games' lead programmer Haydn Dalton falls into the latter camp concerning his "announcement" for the upcoming Darksiders II. He says that if Darksiders II sells "4 or 5 million units," then publisher THQ will be more likely to approve the creation of a third game.



For those of you who don't know, yes, he's sporting Captain's bars


In less blatant news, Dalton says that a future Darksiders game would decrease the scope some, making for a tighter, more focused game. The original Darksiders was a solid, roughly-20-hour game, and Vigil is claiming Darksiders II to be "four times as big." In that case, it makes sense to trim down some content if you're playing an assumedly 80-hour Legend of Zelda clone.


I liked the first game enough to be picking up Darksiders II at launch, but personally, all I want is more Joe Madureira art in games:




What about you? Are you going to pick up Darksiders II, and up the chances of a third game being made?



via Destructoid

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