VIDEO: Delightful New Hatsune Miku Music Video "39"

Thanks for the memories, Miku!

In time for Hatsune Miku's fifth birthday, sasakure.UK and DECO*27 have a delightful, nostalgia-filled Miku music video. Its title, "39," is a bit of a compound linguistic reference. In Japanese, the digits 3 and 9 can be read "mi-ku" or "san-kyuu" (as in a not-quite right "thank you"). 


As VGPerson puts it:

It's a "th" sound, Miku. You know, like in "fifTH birTHday"?

In Japanese, the digits 3 and 9 can be read "mi-ku" or "san-kyuu." "San-kyuu" sounds like "thank you," so this gets some mileage. AS YOU CAN SEE.

(For the record, the "hi-fu-mi" readings are unique to Japanese, and the "ichi-ni-san" are adopted from Chinese. But both readings are used in different parts of the language. It's a bit silly.)

"The UK who crossed space-time itself arrives to give his thanks!!!! \\└(THA´⌒ω⌒`NKS)┘// To you who's so precious to me, and to all those who give their support, thank you." - sasakure.UK
"Thanks to all the people I've come to get involved with! I look forward to keeping on with you. thank you, 39!!!!!!!!!!" - DECO*27

There's a sort of strange pun in "atashi de atte" - since it's in hiragana instead of specific kanji, it can mean "meeting me" (from the verb "deau") like the prior line, or "being me" (conjugation of "de aru"). So I did my best with that.


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